Professors and Chairs

Professor Chair
Gabriel FELBERMAYR4 Economic Policy
Holger GÖRG4 International Economics
Tobias HEIDLAND4 International Macroeconomics
Sebastian KÖHNE Public Economics and Social Policy
James KONOW Economics and Ethics
Ulrike KORNEK Environmental and Resource Economics
Thomas LUX Monetary Economics
Annekatrin NIEBUHR1 Empirical Labour Economics & Spatial Econometrics
Horst RAFF Microeconomics
Katrin REHDANZ Environmental and Energy Economics
Stefan REITZ2 International Financial Markets
Till REQUATE  Innovation, Competition Policy and New Institutional Economics
Jens RUHOSE3 Microeconomics
Alexander-Nikolai SANDKAMP3 Quantitative Trade Policy
Ulrich SCHMIDT4 Public Economics, Social Policy, and Health Economics
Christoph TREBESCH4 Global Macroeconomics and Global Governance
Hans-Werner WOHLTMANN Macroeconomics

Extraordinary professorships and honorary professorships


Dirk DOHSE5                                          ifW
Aoife HANLEY     ifW
Matthias LÜCKE6       ifW
Sonja PETERSON6     ifW
Rainer THIELE6 ifW
Manfred Wiebelt6            ifW


1 Foundation professorship IAB, part time
2 Institute QBER
3 Assistant professor
4 Institute for the World Economy
5 Extraordinary professor
6 Honorary professor

7 Interim professor